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As we are restricted in numbers during this time for our Beginners Course,  a booking must be made by emailing the club.

If you are thinking about participating in obedience trials and would like to know how they work, firstly join a club that has members who obedience trial their dogs and this club has many who do that.

Obviously your canine friend needs some basic training which after our 8 week course should have some idea of what is expected of them although it also depends on whether you follow through at home each day, a few minutes a day will go a long way.

Here is a quick run-down on the classes and points at an obedience trial:

  • First Class is CCD (Community Companion Dog) and your dog works on a lead – it needs to score over 70 out of a possible 100 as in all classes points are deducted for imperfections in performance. You need 3 passes under at least 2 different judges to gain that Title and move to the next level.
  • Next is CD (Companion Dog) same rules with your dog off the lead and a bit harder but not much, again you need 3 passes from 2 different judges and need over 170 out of a possible 200.
  • We then have CDX Companion Dog Excellent)
  • Next is UD (Utility Dog) up till now and including this title you need 3 passes to get your UD Title over 170 out of 200
  • O-Ch is an Obedience Champion Dog to achieve this title you have to get another 5 passes in the UD ring with a score of 185 under at least 3 judges.
  • Only O-CH Titled dogs may enter in the UDX ring (Utility Dog Excellent) and they need 3 passes under 2 different Judges to get that Title which is the highest Title in Obedience Trialing.

Click here to read the Ground Rules for Obedience.