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As we are restricted in numbers during this time for our Beginners Course,  a booking must be made by emailing the club.

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Training Times

Springwood District Dog Training Club meets at Lomatia Park, Springwood.

Thursday Evenings: 7.30pm – 8.45pm

Monday Evenings
Setup: 6.45 pm
Beginners: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

If you are interested in coming along to train your dog, please take the time to read the Club Rules – click here.

Obedience Classes

Enrolments are the 1st Thursday of each month from February to October
This is an information evening for handlers only – please don’t bring your dog the first week.

Beginners Class

An 8 week course that teaches you the basics of dog training.

Week 1 Introduction
Week 2  Attention word, sit, release word, controlled walk, teaching tricks
Week 3 Heel command, sit stay, down, drop, happy recall, “the front” about turns
Week 4 Left and right turns, stand , “leave it” command.
Week 5 Sit stay with increased difficulty, happy recall, drop stay
Week 6  Heel with increased difficulty, sit stay 1 mtre, drop stay 1 mtre, return around dog
Week 7 Sit for exam, heel with increased difficulty, short formal recall
Week 8 Change of pace during heeling, revision of weeks 2-7, handlers demonstrate trick.

Intermediate Class

This class builds on your skills you have learnt so far. 

In this class, dogs begin to work closer to other dogs, and it also reinforces your skills ready for Advanced Class.

Advanced Class

This class lets you have fun with your dog whilst continuing the basics of obedience training. This class gives you more basic dog handling skills which will give you the skills to join in to a variety of dog sports.