PO Box 4280 Winmalee NSW 2777

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General Meetings

Our general meetings all take place at 7:30pm at the Springwood Red Cross Hall.

General meetings: 3rd Tuesday of every month
Annual AGM: last Thursday of August. View 2024’s AGM information here

Dogs must hold a current vaccination certificate which must be produced prior to admission to the club or admission will be refused.

  • Dog handlers must pick up after their dogs. Please place “poo” bags in the council bin provided. The training grounds/clubhouse must be left neat and tidy, at a minimum standard, in the condition it was found at the commencement of training
  • Members are responsible at all times for the behaviour of their dogs whilst present on the training ground or at any function attended whilst representing the club. To this purpose, dog owner/handler members of Springwood District Dog Training Club Inc herein agree to indemnify members of the club from any liability for any injury howsoever occasioned to any member or dog by their dog or dogs. Members shall sign the indemnity form as part of their application form as part of their Application for Membership prior to being permitted to commence their first training session accompanied by their dog and it is herein agreed that attendance at training shall be construed as agreement to this as a term of the application for membership.
  • A member shall not knowingly bring a dog to the training ground if it is infected with a contagious condition.
  • No bitch in oestrum(season) shall be permitted to be present on or around the training grounds.
  • Dogs shall be kept “on lead” at all times except in class under a club instructor’s active supervision.
  • Handlers must bring their membership badge to training.
  • Handlers are not permitted to use the equipment unless under the active supervision of a club instructor
  • A member shall not strike or ill treat a dog at any time. Ill treatment of a dog shall at all times be a matter that may give rise to suspension or expulsion from the club by resolution of the Committee of Management.
  • Dogs should not exhibit aggressiveness either to other dogs or towards people. The club reserves the right to ask any member to muzzle their dog. This is at the discretion of the Chief Instructor. The muzzle must remain on your dog whilst it is on the club grounds and your dog must not be off lead unless under the direct supervision of a club instructor.
  • Dogs shall not be left unattended whilst training. If you wish to have a “cuppa” in the break, put your dog in your car.
  • Sensible clothing and footwear for training must be worn. No thongs.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Children are only allowed to train dogs if they can control them. This decision is at the discretion of the Instructor or the Chief Instructor.
  • Only dogs that are under supervision can be in the clubhouse.
  • Ground fees are $5.00 per week.
  • If it is raining or the grounds are wet the oval may be closed. If you are in doubt, please check our Facebook Page.
  • Dogs and handlers are promoted to a higher class as a “team”. If a different handler is involved with the dog, this handler too must earn their promotion to a higher class. This also applies if the handler from a higher class has a dog from a lower class. That dog too, needs to earn the promotion.