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As we are restricted in numbers during this time for our Beginners Course,  a booking must be made by emailing the club.

What is Agility?

Agility is a dog competition open to all dogs, which was originally developed from equestrian show jumping.

The aim of this competition is for a handler to direct his dog around a course of different obstacles to assess and enhance their intelligence and ability as well as their speed, which will grow as he or she has more experience.

It is an educational and sporting activity intended to improve the dog’s integration into society. The sport requires a good rapport between dog and their handler, which results in perfect teamwork.

Whilst speed of the dog is to be desired, steadiness of work is essential to a faultless performance of the course.

The overall objectives of Agility Trials are:

  • To encourage a graded progression through the sport.
  • To encourage new participants and new ideas and the continuance of Agility as a unique canine discipline while still being fun for both the dog and the handler.
  • To encourage an increased level of fitness for dog and handler an Agility Trial is amazing to watch and even better to be a part of as you will make many friends doing exactly the same thing and you are not working to beat others dogs but more to see your dog climb that ladder and get better at this wonderful sport with your best friend.
  • To encourage safe and pleasant competition for all as there is nothing to beat an Agility dog trial where you and your dog compete with other dogs and handlers where you can win prizes but most of all have a great time.

Click here to read the Ground Rules for Agility.